“the car note”


originally posted may 14 2007.

i never did find out who left me these notes….but i still have theories.  maybe they’ll leave me a note on their will and finally admit who they are….

A wee bit over a month ago, someone (I have yet to find out who) wrote me a silly note (would you call it a limerick) and placed it in an envelope on my car beneath the windshield wiper with a receipt & code for a carwarsh. The note has tickled me SO much that I am posting it on facebook. Whomever you are, amigo….thou art clever.

You now haven’t got an excuse,

So put this here code to good use;

Get onto your feet,

To P’cola street!

And make that car, er, look like juice?

This note isn’t all useless posh,

Your car is in need of a wash.

To BP quite fast,

This code will not last,

On the 10th of next month ‘but a josh.

Actually, I got the car wash then….but the inner body needs some work. My anonymous friend, are you interested in helping me with that one as well?

::end original submission::

as memory serves, i found another note after that that offered me a free carwash for the inside of my car….


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