Catherine, ISTJ


In my last post, I was guessing at my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results.  This weekend, my husband and I received the results from an MBTI test we had taken a few weeks ago.  The results were interesting.

My results revealed me to be an ISTJ: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.  I’ll be spending the next few posts dissecting exactly what each of that means for me, but for now I’d like to focus on a larger aspect on type: my temperament.

I am what is called a “Traditionalist” or a “Sensing Judger.”  Apparently, 35-40% of the population falls into this temperament category.  According to our MBTI instructors, SJs are characterized by the following:

Quest: Belonging

Quest: To Belong is to Be Loved...

Style: Traditionalist/Stabilizer

Achilles Heel: Disarray or Disorder

If you knew me in high school, this poster makes a lot of sense!

SJs are, overall:

  • Loyal to system
  • Prepared
  • Dependable
  • Preserving of Tradition
  • Organized
  • Family-oriented
  • Gatekeepers
  • Followers of procedures
  • Strive to earn their keep
  • Passionate about social responsibility
  • Authority dependent
  • Production-oriented
  • Bound to duty
  • Capable of taking charge
  • “Worker bees”

Apparently, the following people may have been ISTJs: Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, JC Penney, Martha Stewart, Henry Ford & Colin Powell.  I thought of two more….Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Star Trek Enterprise, and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.


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